CIPE Configurator

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This project funded by Cronosys, LLC. <shameless-plug>We do consulting, programming, and big VPNs.</shameless-plug>

The CIPE configurator is a simple newt-based utility (like timeconfig, mouseconfig or ntsysv) designed to configure CIPE interfaces on RedHat based systems.

It has been tested with RedHat 7.1; however, it is simple enough that it should work on any system which has network rc scripts which expect files in the right places (/etc/cipe/options.iface and /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-iface).

Note for people using previous versions of cipecfg: You will have to re-configure your CIPE interfaces! Since we are now using the RedHat rc scripts, the format of the configuration files has changed.

Also note that there is no longer support for using SSH to bring up the remote end. Recent versions of CIPE can be configured to be very responsive to IP address changes, making the use of SSH unnecessary (indeed, probably less reliable).

Comments, suggestions, and general worship of my manly programming skillz to Jay 'Eraserhead' Felice.

CIPE Configurator Main Screen

CIPE Configurator Interface Detail Screen

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